I Have Eyes in My Butt What Am I?

The newly described marine worm Ampharete oculicirrata has a jumble of tentacle-like appendages near its mouth, and a pair of beady black eyes on its bum.
Credit: ©National Museums Scotland

Throughout our lives, we’ve all heard the old saying, “I have eyes in the back of my head.” But when the Scottish Sea Worm says it, the little critter means it! Well, sort of…

Actually, this wormy little Scott does have eyes in the back of something, (but not the head) it’s in his/her butt! Yes, I said in his butt. In addition, this little worm also has a pair on its face too! The Scottish Sea Worm not only sees where it is going but where it’s been! If you would like the total info on this unique little worm click here now.

Susan Boston