Greatest Unique Job Ever?

Once in a lifetime does a job like this come along! You need to sit up and pay attention! Then you can lay back down for 2 months and relax…

This woman loves her job! She loves it because this IS her job! How would you like a job like this? Now, you might be wondering if this a test? Well, as a matter of fact, that’s just what this job is about. NASA along with German Aero Space Center is conducting a test on females from the age of 24 and 55 to see the results of weightlessness and what it does to the body and how the body will react to it in space. The Pros and The Cons…

The pros are they are paying 18,500 for those that are lucky enough to be chosen. You won’t get in trouble for sleeping in, sleeping on the job and there’s no such thing as being late! In additon, you would be contributing to a major experiment for space travel

The cons are no potty breaks, bathing, or eating out of the bed. There is NO leaving that bed for 60 days! Would you do this? The money at face value seems like a lot, but if you break it down it comes to around thirteen dollars an hour. I know that in retrospect doesn’t sound like much but think about it! You would be just laying there with meals being brought to you and all the sleep you would want at least I think. Ready to apply? Well, complete disclosure here, the job is located in, Cologne, Germany.

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