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When what you’re doing doesn’t work

Calling all Marketers

When what you’re doing doesn’t work

When what you are doing doesn’t work, it’s broken! When something is broken, you fix it. Unfortunately, you can’t always fix something broken with glue or duct tape. Personally, I had always been one that though duct tape took care of everything and used that for a lot of years. Turned out, somewhere down the road I noticed the tape kept falling off and I was back at square one.


If you have been in the marketing business for a while now you, I’m sure, have run into those sponsors or really smart people that tell you this is not a get rich quick scheme. “Believe them” it is not! For some reason again for years and years, I didn’t listen, I just thought I knew best! (My husband just loves that about me!)

OK, OK, Maybe not.

Eventually, after trying over and over, I got the idea I might want to start listening to some of the 6 and 7 figure earners that I know. Now if Ray Higdon told me it was going to rain and I should take an umbrella, I would get an umbrella. You might wonder what that has to do with anything, the fact is Ray’s great at what he does but he’s not a weatherman right? Yet, it’s going to rain he says and I get an umbrella. On the other hand, (this is the important part here; Ray was at one time my direct up line sponsor. Now let me start by saying that Ray is a fantastic marketer, and businessman, so what I’m about to tell you in no way reflects badly on his ability to teach people marketing. Who is does reflect badly on, is me and how bright I’m not! J


My sponsors for years would tell me what to do step by step. I had a better idea and that was to do it Susan’s way. (L Wrong choice.) Oh, there were 6 figures involved okay but those figures were going out, not coming in and that’s not really what you are shooting for here right?


First and foremost, if you are lucky enough to have someone that knows what they are doing and are willing to help you then, “HELLO, LISTEN TO THEM.”


Okay, let’s get started.

First thing, do not be a jumper! (Jumper: one that jumps from one program to the next.) There are several reasons as to why people do this. One reason is they get in a business and it doesn’t produce money over-night, a week or even months. They get discouraged see another program and think that one will work better, so there they go jumping out of the first one into the next one. Then you have those that are willing to listen to every marketer out there, besides their sponsor. These other people started telling the jumper about making major money in a week or a month and there they go, (off again). If they tell you this, they are either lying or just robbed a bank. (It does NOT work that way).


Listen to your sponsor or someone you know is making good money in your business, not the marketers coming at you telling you what a great business they have and you will make gobs of money in a short time!


Next, you need to learn your back office and your product. Find out everything you can about your business. You have to do this in order to know firsthand what you have in your business and how it can help others. It also makes you an authority on your business. If you have how-to videos then watched them, webinars, then go to them! Do your due-diligence it is how you get to where you want to be, and for goodness sake listen to those that know what they are doing and NOT those that just THINK they know what they are doing!



Closing Out Part One

The most important information anyone will ever give you about marketing is this: Do not ever give up! It is really that simple. Think about all the things we have right now. Cars, Planes, Trains, Phones, I mean just stop and think about anything and ever things we have then tell me where would be have been if all those inventors had given up? You and I both know for the most part those things we have were not invented on the first, second, or third time. In some cases, it was years and years. They didn’t give up and you should not either.


In part two I am going to explain to you how to run your business and succeed at it without question. Now, will you succeed? I don’t know I can’t promise you that because I don’t know if you are going to listen to what I have to say. If you take the umbrella that I will give you and use it because I tell you it’s going to rain you will. If you don’t then you will be wet and you will not succeed. I’ll see you in part two.


Susan Boston

Bee Unique Agency