The Beluga Whale is notorious for being social and extremely smart! Perfect qualities, for being a spy? Well according to “Live Science “ those are the qualities used to make the spy that came in from the ocean instead of cold, the perfect spy. See who they think is using this beautiful spy…Read More

There are so many unique things in the world, stop for a moment and just look around you I’m sure you can find some in your own area if you will just take the time to look!

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Susan Boston

Fire Breathing Dragons What Science Says…

We have all heard that legends are born from some form of truth, so what about fire breathing dragons? Could it be that somewhere in History long, long ago, there was such a creature? When you think about all the new species of once-living things that we never knew about are now being found all over the world, your response is kind of, hmmmmmm…..

Let’s visit Live Science and check it out!

Now that you have read it, what do you think? Did they ever exist or did the Fire Breathing Dragon originate in the mythical mind of a human being? I don’t know I’m a writer and I have tried to think up Science Fiction, apparently, my mind doesn’t work on that level. I find as I’m writing and growing the plot and creatures I find my self thinking, “Who the heck is ever going to believe this?” I mean forget the fact, I love Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers and all that, who indeed will believe?

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Don’t be afraid of being Unique embrace it! We are all unique there is no other human in the world like you. Yet, we try so hard to fit in and assimilate with all other humans. Why? Take a look at these 10 Animals that are perfectly happy being who they are and you should TOO!

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these amazing animals and if you did please leave a comment and share as well. Remember you are the only you in this world! Be the best you that you can be!