Unique Powers

Most people think of Superman, Batman, and other Super Heros when they think of having unique powers.

Let me introduce you to the real superheroes, they are all around you and you don’t even see them. Police and Fire personnel, EMTs, Nurses, Doctors, Electric workers replacing your power to your home when it’s storming or in the midst of emergencies. There is the local sales person that waits on you, the Dentist, those people that smile at you for no reason are all superheroes and this list could go on a very long time…

What I’m saying to you is that superheroes don’t have to wear a cape, fly or have maximum strength. People that serve others are the superheroes in our lives. I hope you remember this every day you meet people and even if they are just checking you out at the local store they are unique and in their uniqueness is where you will find their superpowers. Let them know.

Let your super power be KINDNESS