Self Employment Horrible Boss

Face it self-employment means. you are your own boss and believe me if you plan on making it you will find yourself the hardest boss you have ever had to work for in your life. Why? Because you have to be the one, that makes yourself do those things you “don’t” want to do for success.

It is much harder not to procrastinate when you are the boss with no one to push you or hold you accountable. If you are happy with what you earn now or the fact you have to get up everyday bust your butt and let the top dogs get the benefits then, by all means, you should stay right where you are, if you not happy with that then you need to check into being your own boss.

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Just a word of warning: This is not easy, this does take time and any self-employment business will cost some money. I just want to be upfront with you and prepare you for your best chance of success. The fastest way to fail is to just give up.