The Dark Underworld?

The Dark Underworld, do we DARE GO THERE? I love they have the best stories of anywhere they are informative and interesting. I was reading an article on here about Dark Matter when I came to this…

” If all the “normal” matter is in one valley, the dark world is in a parallel valley one ridge over, Liu said. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to climb that ridge, so particles in the dark world valley interact strongly with each other, but only slightly with those on the other side of the mountain. But some particles might be able to pass through that energy barrier from the dark world into the one we normally encounter via a process called quantum tunneling…”

This one sentence stopped me in my tracks, “Now where have I heard this kind of dialogue before? Oh yes, I remember the Scfi channel. The words, (the dark world) is used often, and normally just before things go VERY, VERY, WRONG, in Science Fiction Movies, and yet we are looking for it?

This falls under the same people that will walk into a room full of dead bloody bodies here noises in the next room and go to investigate! LOL! (Just kidding ok, maybe not) but, this is extremely interesting stuff and you will get even more interesting and entertaining information by going to Live Science site and reading.

Susan Boston

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Fire Breathing Dragons What Science Says…

We have all heard that legends are born from some form of truth, so what about fire breathing dragons? Could it be that somewhere in History long, long ago, there was such a creature? When you think about all the new species of once-living things that we never knew about are now being found all over the world, your response is kind of, hmmmmmm…..

Let’s visit Live Science and check it out!

Now that you have read it, what do you think? Did they ever exist or did the Fire Breathing Dragon originate in the mythical mind of a human being? I don’t know I’m a writer and I have tried to think up Science Fiction, apparently, my mind doesn’t work on that level. I find as I’m writing and growing the plot and creatures I find my self thinking, “Who the heck is ever going to believe this?” I mean forget the fact, I love Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers and all that, who indeed will believe?

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