Self Employment Horrible Boss

Face it self-employment means. you are your own boss and believe me if you plan on making it you will find yourself the hardest boss you have ever had to work for in your life. Why? Because you have to be the one, that makes yourself do those things you “don’t” want to do for success.

It is much harder not to procrastinate when you are the boss with no one to push you or hold you accountable. If you are happy with what you earn now or the fact you have to get up everyday bust your butt and let the top dogs get the benefits then, by all means, you should stay right where you are, if you not happy with that then you need to check into being your own boss.

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Just a word of warning: This is not easy, this does take time and any self-employment business will cost some money. I just want to be upfront with you and prepare you for your best chance of success. The fastest way to fail is to just give up.

The Dark Underworld?

The Dark Underworld, do we DARE GO THERE? I love they have the best stories of anywhere they are informative and interesting. I was reading an article on here about Dark Matter when I came to this…

” If all the “normal” matter is in one valley, the dark world is in a parallel valley one ridge over, Liu said. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to climb that ridge, so particles in the dark world valley interact strongly with each other, but only slightly with those on the other side of the mountain. But some particles might be able to pass through that energy barrier from the dark world into the one we normally encounter via a process called quantum tunneling…”

This one sentence stopped me in my tracks, “Now where have I heard this kind of dialogue before? Oh yes, I remember the Scfi channel. The words, (the dark world) is used often, and normally just before things go VERY, VERY, WRONG, in Science Fiction Movies, and yet we are looking for it?

This falls under the same people that will walk into a room full of dead bloody bodies here noises in the next room and go to investigate! LOL! (Just kidding ok, maybe not) but, this is extremely interesting stuff and you will get even more interesting and entertaining information by going to Live Science site and reading.

Susan Boston

Susan Boston CEO Bee Unique Agency a Now Lifestyle Partner

Fire Breathing Dragons What Science Says…

We have all heard that legends are born from some form of truth, so what about fire breathing dragons? Could it be that somewhere in History long, long ago, there was such a creature? When you think about all the new species of once-living things that we never knew about are now being found all over the world, your response is kind of, hmmmmmm…..

Let’s visit Live Science and check it out!

Now that you have read it, what do you think? Did they ever exist or did the Fire Breathing Dragon originate in the mythical mind of a human being? I don’t know I’m a writer and I have tried to think up Science Fiction, apparently, my mind doesn’t work on that level. I find as I’m writing and growing the plot and creatures I find my self thinking, “Who the heck is ever going to believe this?” I mean forget the fact, I love Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers and all that, who indeed will believe?

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The Most Unique Things On Earth! That We Know About!

These unique things have taken year upon years before discovered. You have to wonder at all the unique things that we have yet to find. It boggles the mind doesn’t it?

Naturally as with anything, everyone has their own ideas, thoughts and hypothesis’s as to what it is, how it got there and if it is Man-made, Nature Made or Extraterrestrial Made. What we do know is they are here, we have never seen things like them and, we love Unique Stuff!

Self Employed You Got This!

Why You Will Succeed

You want to be self-employed but you’re scared! Hey, YOU GOT THIS! Most people seem to think the only way you can be successful in starting a business is to have tons of money. This is incorrect completly. Now, I will admit that money would help but it’s not your driving factor. The driving force to your success is your desire!

Did you know that there is more than one type of desire? You have the deep-seated desire, but you also have whimsical desires. Now both of these can be very strong, the difference is one last one does not. You know what I’m talking about, one is a flash in the pan want, one that you can walk away from and forget about. The other is a burning desire that you cannot and will not forget. If you don’t reach out and get it, that doesn’t mean you will ever forget about it. The second one is powerful stuff!

“Now that you know the difference, let’s forget about the whimsical one because that one will never get you anywhere!”

The deep-seated desire you feel will lead you to success, (if) you will let it. I say if because, most of the time you will face many great barriers blocking your way to what you are burning to have, many times from within your own family and friends. Nothing can put out your fire like a bunch of wet blankets! You can love them just don’t listen to them! I’m telling you right now, “You can do anything you want to do if your desire is great enough.” Basically what has to happen is, your determination and desire have to overwhelm your fear. That is a tall order to fill! Fear is one of our major driving components.

How to Choose The Right Business

Now that you know the Why behind your pending success let’s look at the how. When most start out looking at a business they start by trying to figure out what would bring them the most money, what people want most or, criteria like what businesses are most successful. These are all reasonable, however not useful and here is why.

Let’s say you pick one bringing in the most money but you are miserable. Is that what you want? I mean if it is you might as well stay at what you’re doing now because most likely you are already miserable. How about what people want most, the public is fickled, what they want today is NOT what they will want tomorrow, next week or next year. Then there are the businesses that are most successful. This is a bit of a slippery subject. The first thing is most of the individual successful businesses did not start that way. It took someone, years of working and perfecting their business. Then you have the ready-made successful businesses like McDonald’s or a variety of big-name franchises out there today. Naturally, for these, you do need money and a LOT of it. Plus, you have to look at the fact, with bigger companies come bigger competition.

So, how do you choose? Actually, it’s very simple. You do this by picking something that you are already good at and could love doing the rest of your life or pick something you love and would be happy to learn. Maybe, you could pick something you are passionate about that you can turn into a business.

Start by looking at things you absolutely love doing. When you locate what you love doing give thought as to how you could monetize the product produced by whatever it is you love doing! Let’s say you love to write, then become a writer! I know you might be thinking, “I don’t know if I am good enough.” You won’t know until you try! Just do it because you got this!

Maybe you like to do arts and crafts, then do them and take them to flea markets, as a matter of fact, you could even do that until your profits start, then start thinking about a shop of your own. Many times people will overthink owning a shop of their own. I realize that renting or buying a building is very expensive, but what you might not have thought about is to buy a storage type building of your own. You could start with a small one and build your way up to a bigger place as your business grows! Always remember this, “You are only confined to what your mind can conceive.”

Now The When The When is Now!

In this book, we have covered the why and how now let’s look at the when. I would like to tell you to just jump on it but, that’s really not the thing to do, because I want you to think about all the things I’ve tried to teach you in this book. I do want you to think but, I do not want you to limit your mind or inhibit your thinking. Just start out assuming that the sky is your limit and keep that thought in your mind. I was watching a high-speed chase one day on T.V. the reporter kept saying “They are unstoppable.” This is what I want you to be, not of course in the high-speed chase, but I do want you to be UNSTOPPABLE!

First, you need to decide on what it is you want your business to be, then I want you to make a plan on how to structure your business. Do you want a home business based on products or services? Depending upon what you choose to do will actually be what decides your direction. You will either work offline in the (Brick and Mortar) world or online. If you are really business smart, you will work both of these.

You have to remember offline business is good but think about this, the digital world has pretty much taken over. You have many long-time stores closing due to the competition of online ordering. The younger generations do not even know what a phonebook, let alone a phone is anymore. Books although wonderful are antiques, encyclopedias? Are you kidding me? This is why I say even if you do have an offline store you still NEED to have online visibility. You must always set yourself up for success, not a failure. Speaking of this let’s move on to the final page of this book and be sure you see this because this is the one and only thing that will hold your business together.

Not Following This Cuts Your Own Throat so LISTEN carefully.

This is your Ah Ha moment right here so read this part very, very carefully!

Your own business is not easy, it will take time to build it and you are going to get down, discourage and ready to quit! There are no if and’s or buts about this. Therefore be prepaird for it. Find your back up find that person or persons that will keep at you, encourage you. Stay away from those that will say, “I told you so!”

Next, know that if it doesn’t happen for a while you must hang in there until it does. Don’t jump from one thing to another. If you do then you are never going to get anywhere. It’s like planting a seed in the ground then, digging it up and put it somewhere else over and over again. It will never grow and neither will your business if you keep hopping around from one place to another.

Lastly, you have to realize you are going to have to advertise. I don’t care what you do, be it products or services, online or offline, you are still going to have to be able to advertise! You WILL have to invest in your business, end of story!

I am a business coach as well as a Spiritual Counselor. If you need a cheering section for your business or life then feel free to contact me.

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Even Freedom Isn’t Free

Nothing in life is free not even freedom

As you start out in marketing, you need to keep this image in mind. You will see so called businesses say it’s free you don’t have to do anything at all. You will find one or both of these statements are not true. Yes, there are things you can sign up with for free. The catch is to make any money or get full access you (pay). Let’s say by some miracle you did find something 100% free you still have to find a way to get people to your business you WILL pay for advertising. In the past you could use the networking sights like Facebook, Twitter and others. These no longer work that well because of market saturation, therefore, you will have to pay for ads to get fresh eyes on your business. Nothing in life is free and certainly NOTHING on the Internet is free.


Words of Wisdom

by: Susan Boston Owner of Bee Unique Agency

The only way to fail is to quit, as long as you are trying, you are moving forward. It is when you quit, you throw yourself into reverse and fail. Remember this in your life and business alike. Many people in life as in business try then decide it will never be the way they want it and they quit. You are better than that so always look forward, past yesterday and today and keep running to your future.