There are a lot of things you might not know about the human body and health facts. I know I didn’t but, I did find it most interesting to read about it. You might like to as well if so then click here and get educated!

What would you guess is the strongest muscle in your body? My thought was one of the sets of leg muscles but that’s wrong! “

8. The strongest muscle in your body is ….

“Our muscle strength can be measured in different ways. If you are referring to the muscle that can exert the most force, then your calf muscle, the soleus, would be the winner. However, if you want to find the muscle that can exert the most pressure, then the jaw muscle, or the masseter, would be the strongest. The human jaw can close teeth with a force as great as 200 pounds, or 890 newtons!” ( WOW!

Would you have had any idea it was the jaw? I know I didn’t but, when you think about it. the jaw is worked out more than I’d guess any muscle in our bodies if you count chewing and talking right? Just think about all the chewing and talking you do. If we worked out our bodies like we do our jaws we would all be RIPPED!

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Susan Boston (CEO) Bee Unique Agency

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